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Welcome to Kingstable profit platform performed by Arbitrageurs.

- Arbitrageurs, CA - are a group of international financial experts which are specialized for Arbitrage tradings.

Our goal is to provide investors the opportunity to benefit from our extensive experience in arbitrage trading with higher yields than in traditional investments while minimizing the risks typically associated with higher-performing investments. A special feature of our company is the disciplined and structured approach to arbitrage markets. With our continously investment strategie we reach higher profits and compounded interests

We believe that our unique investment techniques and substantial organisational strengths will make every our investor really wealthier . We have successfully combined an established local presence with the resources of a major global network and the discipline of a clear global investment process.

Arbitrage trading is a simoultanous purchase and sale of assets like a jousting of knights. Our customers are knights who contest tournament plans and get profit until they reach a seat at the highest profit grade - KINGSTABLE.

Your tourney entrance plans

4% daily for 40 days
  • Impress the princess with your courage and skill and you will be rewarded with a profit of 60%.

  • Plan Terms:4% daily for 40 days
  • Min Deposit:$50
  • Max Deposit:$5000
  • Profit interval:daily
  • Prolongation:not available
  • Plan End:40 days
  • Principal back:No
  • Total Return:160%
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2% daily for 20 business days
  • Plan Terms:2% daily for 20 business days
  • Min Deposit:$50
  • Max Deposit:$2000
  • Profit interval:Monday to Friday
  • Prolongation:not available
  • Plan End:28 days
  • Principal back:Yes
  • Total Return:140%
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8% weekly for 4 Weeks
  • After you participate(d) in the "Jousts", you need a proper rehab with a nice profit of 32%.

  • Parent plan:No
  • Plan Terms:8% weekly for 4 weeks
  • Min Deposit:$50
  • Max Deposit:$800
  • Profit interval:Weekly
  • Prolongation:not available
  • Plan End:4 Weeks - 28 days
  • Principal back:Yes
  • Total Return:132%
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Joust of Peace
1% daily for 10 business days
  • Plan Terms:1% daily for 10 business days
  • Min Deposit:$20
  • Max Deposit:$500
  • Profit interval:Monday to Friday
  • Prolongation:not available
  • Plan End:14 days
  • Principal back:Yes
  • Total Return:110%
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Joust of War
114% after 14 days
  • Plan Terms:114% after 14 days
  • Min Deposit:$20
  • Max Deposit:$500
  • Profit interval:After
  • Prolongation:not available
  • Plan End:14 days
  • Principal back:Included
  • Total Return:114%
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Minimum spend is $20 and there is no maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

Minimum withdrawal amount is $1.00.
Withdrawals are made manually and require up to 15 business hours.

Invite more knights and earn up to 3.00% of referral deposits !

Referral ranges are active only for active Users !

Our first level referral bonuses:
Name From To Commision (%)
Level I 1 and more 3.00

Our other levels referral bonuses (not depending on the number of referrals):
Level 2: 2.00%
Level 3: 1.00%
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